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A child is the gift of God. All they need is the proper love and care. But with the busy schedule of the day to day life, parents are not getting time to nurture them. There are many parents who want their child to start education at a very early stage. For such parents, they have the option to let their child in the play school. But the problem arises when we have to select the best among the hundreds of schools. But after going through this article, this problem will be not a problem for you. So, if you are parents and residing in Noida and want to enrol your toddler, then you don’t need to worry about. We have compiled the list of the best playway schools in Noida for your little angel.  

There is no word that can describe the aura provided by the KIDZEE. They are not only running the playschool but also the formal school with the brand name of Mt. Litera.
They avail of all the facilities to your child like swimming pool, ball pools, library etc. that help in bringing out the hidden talent and skills in your child. The hygienic, safe, and protective environment at KIDZEE has attracted thousands of parents towards it. They let the kids do lots of extracurricular activities like painting, dancing, skating and many others. So, enrolling your child at this playschool will never disappoint you.

Smiling Sunflower School
 This school is one of the most renowned play schools of Noida. It believes in the concept that every child is different in his or her approach to learning. The school has a 1000 sq. ft. campus.
There is also the facility of day boarding along with nursery schooling. The teacher-student ratio is 10:1.

Pupil Care Nursery School
 Run by the famous educationist, Mrs Meera Chandra, the school is counted among the most primitive play school in Greater Noida. The teacher-student ratio is 10:1.
Little Angels 
If you want to give your child a home-like environment, then this is the perfect place for you. It is a nursery school but also provides the daycare facilities. It is run by the professionals who take care of the child with the home like feel.

Mother’s Pride
 Mother’s Pride really provide such an environment for your child that you will really feel proud of it. It has its own research and development department.

The school focuses primarily on the “play and learn” system to teach their students. They strongly believe in learning through fun games and play.
Well, apart from the above playway schools in Noida, there is also a very reputed school named Kothari Starz for the gentle care of your child.

So, enrolling you tiddler in the above-mentioned playschool will the best decision of your life. So, don’t be late. 

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

10 Signs of a Best Play School in Noida

Kothari starz is one of the Best play school in Noida. The concept of pre-school or play school is a rather new one. Parents want their children to begin education at a very tender age and to an extent this is a very interesting and beneficial phase for children, as they get to learn many new things together with fun. 

If your child is between the ages of 3 and 6 and attends a child care center, preschool, or kindergarten program, the National Association for the Education of Young Children suggests you look for these 10 signs to make sure your child is in a good classroom.

1. Children have access to various activities throughout the day. Look for such as matching games, pegboards, and puzzles. Children should not all be doing the same thing at the same time. 

2. Children spend most of their playing and working with materials or other children. They do not wander aimlessly, and they are not expected to sit quietly for long periods of time.

3. Children have an opportunity to play outside every day. 

4. Teachers work with individual children, small groups, and the whole group at different times during the day. They do not spend all their time with the whole group.

5. The classroom is spruce up by children's original artwork and stories dictated by children to teachers.

6. Worksheets are used little if at all. Children work on projects and have long periods of time to play and explore. 

7. The curriculum is adapted for those who are ahead as well as those who need additional help.

8. Teachers read books to children individually throughout the day, not just at group story time.

9. Children learn so many activities like cooking, taking attendance, or serving snack provide the basis for learning activities.

10. Teachers recognize that children's do not learn the same things at the same time in the same way.

Monday, 2 October 2017

10 Things You Have In Common with Best Schools in Noida

There is a competition in every field nowadays whether it is in seeking for a job, running a business or running a firm every here and there a much more competition of who is running best and having best.
Education is one of the main source of income whether people are running a school, coaching centres, institutes or tuition classes.

When it comes to running a school the plans and the deals are more made in high school as there is much more competition in this firm. Everyone is under pressure to make their School the best and to be counted in one of the top 10 or top 5 best ones. Children and their parents are more fascinated by the buildings outlook and grounds of the school more than the education provided in the school. So why not opt for the better one which has everything you want your child to have School in Noida with the best education also.

The 10 common things which everyone wants in every aspect which we have are : 

1. The most important thing it is affiliated and has a good background and reviews.
2. In common with other Noida's best school, we have highly qualified and skilled teachers.
3. We have good indoor and outdoor games as we do believe that student should sound good not only in education but also in sports and be brainstorming things.
4. Our passing out students secure very good marks and remarks and lead a great successful career ahead in their future.
5. We have big classrooms and desks so that students can study well and understand what the teacher is teaching and be disciplined in classrooms.
6. We have in fact more good things that might others don't have, we have meditation, yoga classes as we think a healthy mind and body will have a more healthy life.
7. We have curriculum activities and cultural programs held as students should know about the country very well and should follow every religion and respect them.
8. We conduct quiz games held competition in sports from giving brainstorming challenges to transforming a fit body.
9. We also believe in students who do well in arts and music so we also provide them special music and dance classes.
10. From nursery to 12th class students we have everything that other schools provide, we have high and good security and we also have mannered staffs who behave good with the students and we also teach the students to behave nicely with everyone and to follow school rules and regulations.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Top Play School in Delhi NCR Strategies For Beginners

As children develop into early age, their world will start to open up. Their connection with family and people around them will shape their identity and their own specific manners of thinking and be growing. Guardians care and support raise kids with proper discipline and good moral values. play schools assume an imperative part in every child life. A child begins to investigate the world, starts to learn new things, start to connect with other kids, start to learn how to maintain discipline.

Choosing right preschools is a big decision for your child growth. here is plenty of TOP Play Schools In Delhi NCR, where children accomplish their qualities, obedience, and learn how to stay in touch with values throughout the life. School life is a developing age for every kid. A playschool is a place where children stay 2 or 3 hours daily under the care of teachers. design regular routine exercises also help children to understand new things, they provide ideal toys to kids in order to develop their personality. Nowadays parents admit their child in play schools at an age of 2 or 3 which is very early age or right age for a child to grow. Good environment, good atmosphere, good teachers are imperative for kid advancement.

In the TOP PLAY SCHOOLS IN DELHI NCR, exceedingly proficient and experienced caretaker who take care of a child in every need. They take care of their food and health to the main focus of teachers to develop child personality without stress and burden. Teachers provide a very friendly environment to kids, in which child feel safe and secure. The best play schools offer so many services for a kid like healthy meals, play area, art, and craft etc. They admire the child for their little achievements. They celebrate every function in schools and teach them the values of their rituals and festivals also they organize a time to time activities for kids including dance shows, fashion shows, singing, painting. these schools have a superb infrastructure and the combination of the good environment or good facilities also good teacher's allow children's to achieve their goals with passion.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Play Schools - Amazing Experience For Children

One of the foreseen snapshots of life is the time when newly parents get the chance to encounter the delight of their child. It has dependably been a convention that the parent dependably guarantees that their kids defeat everything, above all with regards to education. As the acknowledgment turns out to be broadly clear guardians nowadays are taking each measure in the book to begin their child’s early educational development. This is the place the child must be introduced to a pre-school environment that prepares the child to start their future days in school.

Preschool approach has likewise seen a potential change throughout the years and it now concentrates more on activities that the child can participate. These  activities set up the child from a general point of view and give them an edge before they make their further strides. It is additionally critical that in their beginning of development, the child builds a decent compatibility with their parents. It is exceptionally fundamental to have a decent parent-child equation, it helps the child in molding their state of mind.

There are many Top Play School In Delhi NCR. Their accentuation is on encompassing every child in a responsive and versatile environment that supports their creative energy and promotes self-discovery. They guarantee that the world around the little child is an upbeat place. The school gives an exceptionally lively and bright environment for the children,  which makes ready for their happy learning and development. The school changes over consistently into awesome learning encounters for the children, by implanting adoration and care into every one of the parts of learning. They ensures that the children are given monstrous satisfaction, finish flexibility and the required consolation and direction, so that their young personalities develop and bloom in the fun environment of the pre school.

Their curriculum focuses on:

1) Providing a safe and invigorating condition that enables children  to interface with others of their age.

2) Giving important resources like toys, books, recreations and riddles that take into account the kids' curious personalities.

3) Helping the children shape a normal that facilitates the move from home to class. 

4) Building up the children’s identities, fine and gross motor abilities.

Facilities offered at play school:

• Activity, Arcade
• Ball Pool
• Celebration Corner
• Child’s Creative Corner
• Colorful, Chirpy & Air-Conditioned Classrooms
• Dining Area
• Doll House, Swings and water pool
• Music & Dance Room
• Stage Area
• Story Telling Corner


A child is the gift of God. All they need is the proper love and care. But with the busy schedule of the day to day life, parents are not ...